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Copy all the questions and the pictures from this webpage into your word processing.

(Please use Microsoft Word or a similar program)

Save your work as EXERCISE03, on your floppy

Complete each sentence or statement. 

Essay questions, please write a few lines.  (Questions 34, 35, and 36)

Save your work as EXERCISE03

Email your work to me and save an email copy to yourself, DELETE THE PICTURES BEFORE YOU SAVE AND EMAIL ME.


Complete each sentence or statement.


                  1.   The program that is run to start or open software is the main ____________________ file.


                  2.   DOS, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS are all examples of ____________________ software.


                  3.   C++, Visual Basic, and Java are examples of ____________________ computer languages.


                  4.   When a program "crash" occurs, you can use the ____________________ key sequence to close a corrupted program.


                  5.   Most operating systems support a ____________________ user interface to allow the user to point, select, and manipulate objects displayed on the screen.


                  6.   Many operating systems provide tools, called ____________________, to allow the user to customize their work environment.


See the first picture at the bottom.



                  7.   The file indicated by the number 1 in the above figure is a(n) ____________________ file.


                  8.   A graphical user interface displays small pictures, called ____________________, on the screen.


                  9.   Based on UNIX, the ____________________ operating system has become a popular system for e-mail and Web servers.


                  10.  The ____________________ operating system is distributed under the General Public License, making it available for public duplication and distribution.


                  11.  The ____________________ operating system features a Start button that provides access to programs, documents and utilities.



See the second picture at the bottom


                  12.  In the above figure, the item number 6 can be opened by clicking a button on the ____________________.


                  13.  The most popular way to manipulate the icons, menus, and work areas displayed in the above figure, is by using a(n) ____________________.


                  14.  A grid-like structure, that can hold text or graphics, which is inserted into a document is called a(n) ____________________.



See the third picture at the bottom



                  15.  In the above figure, item 1 points to B6, which is the cell ____________________.


                  16.  In the above figure, the black border around cell B6 (item numbered 4) indicates that it is the ____________________ cell.


                  17.  In the above figure, moving the data displayed in cell B4 to cell C4 could change the data displayed in cell ____________________.


                  18.  Most spreadsheet programs offer predesigned worksheets called wizards or ____________________.


                  19.  A collection of files that can be treated as a single unit is called a(n) ____________________.


                  20.  A database with a table structure, in which each column is a field and each row is a record is called a(n) ____________________ database.


                  21.  A(n) ____________________ database manipulates record units using instructions called methods.


                  22.  The term ____________________ refers to any picture, photograph, or icon that appears on your computer screen.


                  23.  ____________________ is a generic term for software that allows several people to collaborate on a project using Internet connections.


                  24.  Adobe Premier is a video editing program that allows you to ____________________ video clips from a camera or VCR.


                  25.  The ESRB rating symbol that identifies a product that has been submitted but has not yet been rated is ____________________.


                  26.  The legal contract that defines how a program may be used is called a software ____________________.


                  27.  A contract that goes into effect when you open a software package is called a ____________________ license.


                  28.  The legal protection that grants an author exclusive rights to copy, sell, or modify a program is called a(n) ____________________.


                  29.  Linux, an operating system available to programmers who want to modify the code, is an example of ____________________ software.


                  30.  Uncopyrighted software that is available to be copied, distributed, and resold is called ____________________ software.


                  31.  A computer-based slide show generated with ____________________ software can be displayed on a wall or screen by using a projection device.


                  32.  Software that creates "wireframes" to represent images is called ____________________ graphics software.


                  33.  In a database, a(n) ____________________ holds one item of data relevant to a record.




34.   Describe the difference between relative and absolute references within a spreadsheet.







See the third picture at the bottom



35.   Describe how you would change the worksheet displayed in the above figure to show your monthly budget over a full year, including annual income, expense, and savings.










                  36.  Describe the difference between vertical and horizontal market software, including examples of their usage.