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Course Description:
Basic database manipulation (e.g. creating, updating, and generating reports) via packaged software. Keyboarding skill strongly recommended. (Students who have little or no keyboarding skills will likely take much longer in completing the assigned tasks. )

Homework is the Skills Review, Independent Challenge 1, Independent Challenge 2,  Independent Challenge 3,  and the Visual Workshop for each chapter.
On each sheet, put your name and l
abel your work.  If you email me, also specify the homework in the subject line of the email.  Label the homework such as:
HOMEWORK A01 Independent Challenge 1

DEC 4 - Final Exam - Last day of class
NOV 27 - Thanksgiving-College Closed

Unit G homework:

HOMEWORK  F01- Skills Review page G-19

HOMEWORK  F02- page G-21, Independent Challenge 1

HOMEWORK  F03- page G-22, Independent Challenge 2

HOMEWORK  F04- page G-23, Independent Challenge 3

All work is by last day of class

Nov 13 - on a new floppy down load the next unit. (UNIT F)

Do Unit F and turn in printout in class

HOMEWORK F01 - page F-20 Skill Review

HOMEWORK F02 - page F-21, Independent Challenge 1

HOMEWORK F03 - page F-22, Independent Challenge 2

HOMEWORK F04 - page F-22, Independent Challenge 3

Nov 6 - on a new floppy down load the next unit. (UNIT E)
Do Unit E and turnin printout

HOMEWORK E01 - page E-21 Skill Review

HOMEWORK E02 - page E-22, Independent Challenge 1

For the following homework, Independent Challenge 2 and 3,

also reference page E-4 regarding planning your database.

HOMEWORK E03 - page E-23, Independent Challenge 2,

HOMEWORK E04 - page E-23, Independent Challenge 3

Oct 30 - suprise quiz, Mid-term exam.

Oct 23 - Download the next unit (UNITD) on a new floppy disk
Print, type 1 in the from text box, type 1 in the to text box, print only one. Print after number 7, Print Preview, page D-6. 
Print as per instruction on page D-14

HOMEWORK D01 - page D-20 Skill Review

HOMEWORK D02 - page D-22, Independent Challenge 1

HOMEWORK D03 - page D-22, Independent Challenge 2

HOMEWORK D04 - page D-23, Independent Challenge 3

Oct 16 - Finish Access Unit C.  Complete pages C-8 to C-16.  After you have completed page C-16 and saved your work,  Turn in the one-page printout for your in class work.
HOMEWORK C01 - page C-20 Skill Review
HOMEWORK C02 - page C-21, Independent Challenge 1
HOMEWORK C03 - page C-22, Independent Challenge 2
HOMEWORK C04 - page C-22, Independent Challenge 3

Oct 9 - Start Access Unit C.  
Complete pages C-1 to C-8.  After you have completed page C-8 and saved your work, print it.  Turn in the printout for your in class work.

Oct 2 - Complete Access Unit B.  
HOMEWORK B01 - page B-21 Skill Review
HOMEWORK B02 - page B-22, Independent Challenge 1
HOMEWORK B03 - page B-23, Independent Challenge 2
HOMEWORK B04 - page B-23, Independent Challenge 3

Sept 25 - Complete Access Unit A, page A-1 thru page A-19.  
HOMEWORK A01 - page A-21 number 3 to number 9
HOMEWORK A02 - page A-23, Independent Challenge 2
HOMEWORK A03 - page A-23, Independent Challenge 3

Sept 17 - Read the first two begininng units, Unit A and Unit B.  These are the two units in from on the Access.  We will start Access Unit A next class.

Other Stuff needed for class

Book and Files

Syllabus for ITS 12D


Joseph J. Sunday * Clark State