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Name:  _______________

Course:  RLE 211

Achievement exams: Chapters 5

Due: Monday, 6 PM


Chapter 5



1.         A house oriented for maximum sunlight in winter will face


a.         east.

b.         west.

c.         north.

d.         south.


2.         Studs extend continuously the height of two stories in


a.         platform frame construction.

b.         balloon frame construction.

c.         post and beam frame construction.

d.         plank and beam frame construction.


3.         The measure of the effectiveness of insulation is its


a.         heating capacity.

b.         BTUs.

c.         R-value.

d.         grade.


4.         The fascia board is part of the


a.         exterior trim.

b.         interior trim.

c.         foundation.

d.         truss roof.


5.         An eave is also called a


a.         frieze board.

b.         fascia board.

c.         cornice.

d.         collar beam.


6.         Flush doors have


a.         solid cores.

b.         hollow cores.

c.         Either a or b

d.         Neither a nor b


7.         The distribution panel for a home's electrical system is the


a.         amperage.

b.         furnace.

c.         meter.

d.         circuit breaker box.


8.         Footings and slab are poured separately in a


a.         monolithic slab.

b.         floating slab.

c.         solid slab.

d.         combination slab.


9.         A two-story house benefits economically because


a.         plumbing can be lined up.

b.         heated air rises.

c.         less ground area is required.

d.         All of the above


10.       Gross living area normally includes


a.         attics.

b.         garages.

c.         finished basements.


11.   What is the standard of measurement for a single-family detached residence _________________.  Explain how you would calculate the total.


12.  Do you think the extra cost for an energy-efficient home is justified?  Explain.