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Unit  A  Fill in the Best Answer


1.       The basic functions of a computer are to accept ______, process data, store data, and produce output.


1.       A computer processes data in the _________ processing unit.


2.       The idea of a(n) ___________ program means that instructions for a computing task can be loaded into a computer’s memory.


3.       The ____________ unit is the case that holds the main circuit boards, microprocessor, power supply, and storage devices for a personal computer system.


4.       A device that is an integral part of a computer but that can be added to a computer is called a(n) _________ device.


5.       Executable files usually have a(n) ________ extension.

Exe ~ .exe

6.       A(n) _________ system is the software that acts as the master controller for all of the activities that take place within a computer system.


7.       The main routes of the Internet are referred to as the Internet _________.


8.       Communication between all of the different devices on the Internet is made possible by ______ /IP.


9.       Most of the “stuff” that’s accessible on the Internet is stored on _________that are maintained by various businesses and organizations.


10.   A dial-up connection requires a device called a(n) ___________ band modem.


11.   To use a cable Internet connection you need a cable modem and a(n) _________.

network card

12.   A cable modem provides an always- _______ connection to the Internet.


13.   The process of entering a user ID and password is referred to as _______.

logging in ~ logging on

14.   Every Web page has a unique address called a(n)______.

URL ~ uniform resource locator

15.   A browser assembles a Web page on your computer screen according to the specifications contained in the _____ tags.


16.   Whenever you start your browser, it displays your _______ page.


17.   A(n) ______ fetches and displays Web pages.


18.   Store-and-forward technology stores messages on an e-mail ________ until they are forwarded to an individual’s computer.


19.   For many e-mail systems, a(n) ______ server handles incoming mail, and a(n) ______ server handles outgoing mail.







Fill in the best answer

1.       Data on an optical storage medium is stored as ______ and lands.


2.       ___________ time is the average time that it takes a computer to locate data on a storage medium and read it.


3.       A computer can move directly to any file on a(n) __________ access device, but must start at the beginning and read through all of the data on a(n) _____________ access device.

random, sequential ~ direct, sequential

4.       Higher disk _________provides increased storage capacity.


5.       “HD DS” means _______________.

high-density double-sided

6.       EIDE, Ultra ATA, and SCSI refer to the type of _________ used by a hard disk drive.


7.       CD-RW technology allows you to ______ data on a disk, then change that data.

Record ~ write

8.       Movie files are much too large to fit on a DVD unless they are compressed, using a special type of data coding called _______.        


9.       The _______ bus carries data from RAM to peripheral devices.


10.   AGP, PCI, and ISA are types of expansion _________, which are part of a personal computer’s motherboard.


11.   Many peripheral devices come packaged with device ________software.


12.   A scanner is a type of ______ device.

input ~ peripheral

13.   Most people set their monitors to a(n) _________of 640 X 480, 800 X 600, or 1024 X 768.


14.   The number of colors that a monitor can display is referred to as bit ________.


15.   The advantages of an LCD monitor include display clarity, low radiation emission, portability, and ___________.


16.   The most popular printers for personal computers are______, which are inexpensive and produce good quality color printouts.

ink jet

17.   Today’s PCs include a feature called Plug and ________ that automatically takes care of technical details for installing peripheral devices.


18.   A ________key such as the [Ctrl] key is used in conjunction with other keys to expand the abilities of each key.


19.   Track points and touchpads are alternative ________ devices often found on notebook computers.


20.   A read-write ________ is a mechanism in the disk drive that reads and writes the magnetized particles that represent data.