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Course Description:
Basic creation and manipulation of data within an electronic spreadsheet including planning and creating workbooks, using formulas and functions, creating charts, and formatting spreadsheet objects. Students with minimal computer skills will take longer in completing the assigned tasks and may want to consider taking ITS 080, Computer Fundamentals.

Homework is the Skills Review, Independent Challenge 1, Independent Challenge 2,  Independent Challenge 3,  and the Visual Workshop for each chapter.
On each sheet, put your name and l
abel your work.  If you email me, also specify the homework in the subject line of the email.  Label the homework such as:
HOMEWORK A01 Independent Challenge 1

Dec 2 - Final Exam

Nov 25 - NO CLASS-Staff/Fac Day

Nov 18 - Do the in class work

HOMEWORK H01 - Skills Review, page H-19.

HOMEWORK H02 - Independent Challenge 1, page H-20

HOMEWORK H03 - Independent Challenge 2, page H-21

HOMEWORK H04 - Independent Challenge 3, page H-22

HOMEWORK H05 - Visual Workshop, page H-24

Due DEC 2

Nov 11 .NO CLASS  -  Veterans day

Do the in class work for 5 extra credit points

HOMEWORK G01 - Skills Review, page G-20.

HOMEWORK G02 - Independent Challenge 1, page G-21

HOMEWORK G03 - Independent Challenge 2, page G-22

HOMEWORK G04 - Independent Challenge 3, page G-22

HOMEWORK G05 - Visual Workshop, page G-24

Due NOV 18

Nov 4  Download your F and G units to one disk.

HOMEWORK F01 - Skills Review, page F-19.

HOMEWORK F02 - Independent Challenge 1, page F-21

HOMEWORK F03 - Independent Challenge 2, page F-22

HOMEWORK F04 - Independent Challenge 3, page F-22

HOMEWORK F05 - Visual Workshop, page F-24

Due NOV 18

Oct 28 - Suprise quiz, Mid-term exam.

HOMEWORK E01 - Skills Review, page E-19.

HOMEWORK E02 - Independent Challenge 1, page E-21

HOMEWORK E03 - Independent Challenge 2, page E-21

HOMEWORK E04 - Independent Challenge 3, page E-22

HOMEWORK E05 - Visual Workshop, page E-24

Due in one week, NOV 4

Oct 21 - On a new floppy disk start Unit E, print after page E-16

HOMEWORK D01 - Skills Review, page D-19.

HOMEWORK D02 - Independent Challenge 1, page D-21

HOMEWORK D03 - Independent Challenge 2, page D-22

HOMEWORK D04 - Independent Challenge 3, page D-22

HOMEWORK D05 - Visual Workshop, page D-24

Due in one week, Oct 28.

Oct 14 - Finish Unit D in class and print after page D-16
HOMEWORK C01 - Skills Review, page C-19.
HOMEWORK C02 - Independent Challenge 1, page C-21
HOMEWORK C03 - Independent Challenge 2, page C-21
HOMEWORK C04 - Independent Challenge 3, page C-22
HOMEWORK C05 - Visual Workshop, page C-24
Due in one week, Oct 21.

Oct 7 - Start Unit C in class and print after page C-16, turn this in.
HOMEWORK B01 - Skills Review, page B21
HOMEWORK B02 - Independent Challenge 1, page B-22
HOMEWORK B03 - Independent Challenge 2, page B-22
HOMEWORK B04 - Independent Challenge 4, page B23, (use this formula information web link below)  
HOMEWORK B05 - Visual Workshop, page B-24, Visual Workshop, (use formulas is column F and in row 8 and in row 11.  Row 11 is like the in class work on page B-8 and B-9.)  Due in one week, Oct 14.

To convert a Fahrenheit temperature into Celsius

Sept 30 - HOMEWORK A01 - Skills Review, page A-21

HOMEWORK A02 - Independent Challenge 1, page A-22

HOMEWORK A03 - Independent Challenge 2, page A-22

HOMEWORK A04 - Independent Challenge 3, page A-23

HOMEWORK A05 - Visual Workshop, page A-24

Print all your work and save on your floppy,  Due in one week,  Oct 7

Sept 23 - Review Excel Unit A.  Do the in-chapter work, page A-14 has a print.  Turn in this print out in class.

Sept  16 - Read the first two begininng units, Unit A and Unit B.  These are the two units in from on the Excel.  We will start Excel Unit A next class.

Other Stuff needed for class

Book and Files



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